Our external education & cooperation partner, the FSGU Academy, is TÜV Süd certified and ZFU approved. The PKV Institute, another external education & cooperation partner, is certified by CERT.IT.


We support you in the challenges of your new professional and personal future!

The current situation in the German healthcare system underscores that medical professionals, especially foreign doctors like yourself, are more sought-after and in demand than ever. However, for a successful, contented, and promising start in your new professional and personal environment in Germany, numerous organizational and bureaucratic aspects exist to consider and resolve, both in your home country and in Germany.

At Premium Med® AG, we are here to assist you with these challenges.

Through our unique, binational Premium Med Licensing System and our internationally active SfH-MEDICAL MANAGER®, we offer you personalized and individualized support. Starting from professional offboarding in your home country to successful and sustainable onboarding in Germany.

Supported by a strong, global, and multi-perspectival network – SOLUTIONS FOR HEALTH® – and an exclusive and international network of expert and collaborative partners from various fields. By collaborating with these alliances and experienced competencies, we provide comprehensive and holistic support during your transition.

We identify the “jumpstart” for your new life!

We will explore potential funding and subsidy options for you so that you can begin your new professional and personal life worry-free.


Our Service Portfolio for You

To ensure you, as a physician, feel comfortable both personally and professionally from the outset in Germany, it’s essential not only to plan each step carefully but also to address competently and ideally proactively handle all eventualities. With years of experience, our affiliation with the SOLUTIONS FOR HEALTH® consortium, and our unique network, we at Premium Med AG® offer you a globally unparalleled portfolio of services through your personal SfH-MEDICAL MANAGER® in your home country and Germany.

We assist you in every situation – personally and individually. We can make your transition cost-neutral through access to funding programs, subsidy opportunities and private and institutional investors. In many cases, we even help our clients secure substantial initial capital. Feel free to approach us without any obligations.


Specific Language Preparation Courses | Deregistration | Property Sales | Termination Service | Mail Service | Negotiations with Employers | Practice Sale


Recognition of Your Medical License | Residence Permit | Translation, Authentication, and Completion/Collection of Documents Relevant for Transition | Negotiations with Employers | Re-Location Service


Practice Purchase | Registration Procedures & Administrative Services | Funding Opportunities | Language Courses | Bank Account Opening | Insurance & Retirement Planning | Apartment Search | Job Search for Life Partners | School and Kindergarten Enrollment


Identification and Management of Observation Opportunities in Germany | Long-Term Internships | Facilitation of Research Projects and Positions | Facilitation of Scholarships



Why We Are Scouts and Not Recruiters

A scout is generally known as a scout, talent seeker, reconnaissance, and pathfinder.

They are familiar with their area, survey, explore, and seek clues. They find or develop tailor-made solutions with various experts. A scout accompanies, advises, and creates all conditions to safely and successfully guide their proteges from point A to point B.

We delve deeply into our services and discern the essence of your genuine needs. Thus, we connect the competencies of medical consulting with recruiting, which means you’ll experience our MEDICAL SCOUTING.

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