Our external education & cooperation partner, the FSGU Academy, is TÜV Süd certified and ZFU approved. The PKV Institute, another external education & cooperation partner, is certified by CERT.IT.


Our Future Initiative for Practice Owners

Modern medicine, your medical practice, and clinic management have become highly complex, involving personal, bureaucratic, and business-related demands. As a physician or practice owner, you are more than ever challenged to make medical consultations and decisions for the well-being of patients based on ethical and scientific foundations, all while avoiding economic, legal, or health-related complications.

With these insights in mind and to support you as a practice owner across all conceivable areas, we, within the SOLUTIONS FOR HEALTH® consortium, have successfully brought together companies and experts from various fields, along with exclusive partners and practicing physicians. Our goal is to address the intricate and individual questions and challenges physicians and practice owners face comprehensively, professionally and holistically.

Pillars of Our Innovative and Proven Practice

Personal Medical Manager®

Our certified and accredited SOLUTIONS FOR HEALTH® MEDICAL MANAGER is your personal link to Premium Med AG® and the SOLUTIONS FOR HEALTH® network.

Holistic Consultation Process

Our comprehensive consultation process distinguishes itself from typical market consulting concepts through its holistic approach, success-based billing, and satisfaction guarantee.

Complementary Competencies

Following our creed of "Complementary Competencies," our individual and holistic approach ensures the success of your project through our exclusive national and international network of experts and collaborative partners, establishing a sustainable WIN-WIN-WIN situation for all parties involved.


Are you seeking a successor or partner for your practice?

A recent meta-study published by the Robert Bosch Foundation (05/21) reveals that by 2035, an estimated 11,000 general practitioner practices in Germany are expected to be vacant! Nearly 30,000 family doctors are projected to retire by then. For you as a practice owner, this implies that the value of your life’s work is rapidly diminishing.

Premium Med AG® is countering this dramatic trend with successful countermeasures, entrepreneurial foresight, and a comprehensive approach. We provide practice owners with solutions that contribute to securing and stabilizing primary medical care in Germany.

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Finally, More Relief and Quality of Life!

As a practice owner, the working conditions you face daily are far from satisfying in today’s world. You have less and less time for what truly matters for your patients and yourself. It’s becoming increasingly challenging to align with the original ideals of your professional ethos “the Hippocratic Oath“ as initially embedded in your medical soul. Quite the contrary, you manage personnel, finances, taxes, accurate billing, accounting, paperwork, technology, legal aspects, and much more. It’s no wonder that nearly every second doctor in Germany reports feelings of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion.

Premium Med® AG relieves you as a practice owner through holistic medical consulting. With innovative and practical concepts, you can return to your primary responsibilities and improve your work-life balance.



Our Practice Analysis

Our analysis has been continuously refined and tested on the market for years. It identifies previously untapped opportunities for improving practice management (practice leadership, planning, patient care, organization, time management, leadership, marketing, and success tracking).

The immediately actionable practice enhancements, averaging around 40, can be implemented by you in collaboration with our certified and accredited SfH MEDICAL MANAGER®. The outcome is intensified patient care, personal workload relief, enhanced team collaboration and improved profit.

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Our Solutions for Practice Owners

In today’s landscape, a private practice physician needs to be not only a medical professional dedicated to patient care and the principles of the Hippocratic Oath but also a highly skilled entrepreneur. To meet this all encompassing demand, the physician must combine the competencies of a business manager, accountant, IT specialist, and professional leader. As a member of the multinational consortium SOLUTIONS FOR HEALTH®, we also leverage our expertise to alleviate your responsibilities as a practice owner through the appropriate collaboration of numerous unique features and synergies within our network.


Business Planning | Practice Financing | Insurance and Licensing | Property and Practice Premises | Personnel Management | Marketing


Designing an Efficient Practice Structure | Coaching for Increased Patient Satisfaction | Coaching for Personal, Private and Professional Goal-setting | Balancing Work and Family Coaching | Training on the Job | Team Building | Resolving Team Conflicts | Support for Crises, Illness, or Financial Constraints | Crisis Management for Staff Shortages or Death


Workflow Modeling | Staff Management or Team Optimization | Planning & Implementation of Practice Relocation from A-Z | Planning & Implementation of Practice Expansion or Downsizing | Strategic Planning | Innovative Service Expansion | Practice Organization | Practice Check | Digitalization


We bring the right partners together | Lead Purchase Negotiations | Contract Preparation | Professional Assistance with Purchase Price Financing | Alternative Financing Options & Government Support Measures


We develop & promote innovative, alternative, and practical solutions and concepts in the healthcare sector to alleviate the healthcare system. Our concepts can be implemented quickly, efficiently, and with minimal effort into existing practices.

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